About Tammy Descoteaux, Business Owner


My Certification

I am a Professional Healer, USUI Reiki Master/Teacher certified by Dr. Anne Reith, Psychologist and Founder of the Impart Wisdom and Wellness Center in Tustin. I am also certified by Dr. Reith through the International Center of Reiki Training as a Karuna Reiki® Master, #K2P025655. In April 2016, I trained with Julie Russell, RN and I am certified by the International Center of Reiki Training as a Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki® Master, certification #87232.  This certification qualifies me as a Usui Holy Fire II Reiki Master Healer/Teacher as well. More recently in January 2018 I was certified by Julie as a Reiki Drumming Practitioner and I love incorporating it into healing sessions.

Additional Certifications & Education

I am certified by Sanoviv Medical Facility as Nutritional Level II Advisor. Good nutrition is effective medicine. Sanoviv is located in Rosarita, Mexico and is the world's only functional medicine facility. Functional medicine examines the body as a whole (mind, body and spirit) to provide the body resources and conditions to heal itself. www.Sanoviv.com I can not say enough about them, except everyone should go there whether to maintain achieve optimal health or to heal disease, including terminal illness. Feel free to ask me for more information.

 I also earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Human Development from California State University at Long Beach. I am proud of this degree as it provides me with an understanding of the biological, sociological and psychological factors affecting the development and behavior of human beings.

Professional Background

I am locally known for my work as a Crime Prevention Specialist with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department in the city of Mission Viejo (retired). I have developed several public safety programs for all ages, infants through to seniors.   

I coordinated the Walk Against Drugs and Fair for 10 years.  This event averaged 4,000 participants encouraging drug free lifestyles.

In 2003, I co-created the South Orange County Community Preparedness Academy for Neighborhood Preparedness-now in place in 7 south Orange County cities. The program received American Red Cross Award of Excellence in Disaster Preparedness Award for 2006-2007 and received recognition for “Outstanding Service to the Field of Emergency Management” from the California Emergency Services Association.  In 2009 I coordinated Boy and Girl Scouts with Sheriff Explorer Scouts to create and implement a highly successful "Teens Calling Teens To Action" preparedness academy to include youth 14 years and older in community preparedness.

 I was also a Grassroots member (2003) and for 8 years the Chairperson of the Mission Viejo Community of Character Committee. We were awarded the League of Cities Helen Putnam Grand Award of Excellence in 2004.   

I initiated an award-winning Character Committee YOUTH subcommittee in 2006. We grew to an average roster of 40 students. Youth entering at 14 years of age would usually remain in the program 2 to 4 years.  Often until they graduated high school and entered college.  Working with these teens is a blessed highlight in my life.  They were awarded the Red Ribbon Week Award of Excellence  from the Orange County Health Care Agency- Alcohol/Drug Education & Prevention Team and the Prevention Coalition of Orange County for their “outstanding contribution to the field of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug prevention in 2008”.

Personal Information


A Sense of Pride

I have a long list but will keep it short! 

I’m proud of my work history because I have always strived to make a difference in the lives of others. 

My background includes supervising a law enforcement crisis team that served 6 Orange County agencies for 4 years.  This position maintains a special place of pride in my heart.  The team provided 24-hour on-scene and hot-line Crisis intervention & victim advocacy (crime scenes, investigations & prosecution).  I also Developed and conducted 40 hour volunteer training programs, monthly in-service programs for volunteer programs.  The position also provided me with communication skills for dealing with people with suicidal intentions. For one such case I was awarded a Medal of Lifesaving as an OC Sheriff’s Radio Dispatcher.   

The City Character Rock Garden at the Oso Viejo Trailhead in Mission Viejo (just south of Marguerite Pkwy and Estanciero) was for a Tierra Nativa event volunteer project with over 2000 residents participated making rocks and laboring in mosaic and planting work to create it.  The garden includes a sign with a quote I authored: “Character is the backbone to greatness. To achieve it, we must live it. For ourselves, For others, For our community.”  

Another quote of mine, "It is not enough to teach good character.  We must Live it".  It is life defining to hear youth you have mentored repeating these words when mentoring others.

Professional Speaking, Awards and More


National and State Conference Presentations


• 2010 National Forum on Character Education- “Developing Character in your Schools and Beyond”    
• 2011 California Crime Prevention Officer’s Association State Conference - “The Value of Character in Crime Prevention”    
• 2009 California Crime Prevention Officer’s Association State Conference: The “Community Emergency Preparedness Academy.     



• 2008- Orange County Sheriff's Department Gold Star Award of Excellence • 2008- American Legion Post 862-Medal of Merit   
• 2007- Veterans of Foreign Wars-Mission Viejo Police Services  Employee of the Year    
• 2001-California Crime Prevention Officers Association-  Outstanding Practitioner Award   
• 1990-Awarded the Orange County Sheriff’s Department Medal of Life-Saving for a Suicidal Caller (Radio Dispatcher- Orange County Sheriff’s Department)


 Spending time with my husband and family-yaaay for grandkids and friends, time with Greta Joy at the happiest places on earth-dog parks and beaches, kayaking, golfing, watching football, bargain hunting, casinos, and crafts.