What is in a name?

Some time ago, I considered changing my “All for You Reiki” business name.  This past year I began a focused search for a new name. A name that truly resonated with me.  Long story short, after trying out several names with family and friends, it came to me... Supreme Healing Energy & Lifestyle  Awareness. I really liked know how it is...IT FELT GOOD...I feel I am guided by Supreme Beings and the energy I work with is supreme...and lastly this name includes more than Reiki Energies and supports my spiritual path.

Then I spelled out the acronym... SHE&LA and my heart sang. I knew my friend SHEILA BOSWELL was with me at that moment in time. Of course, she too loves the name.   

Though Sheila transitioned HOME in October 2016, I know she is still with those she loves, including me.

About Sheila B., My Forever Friend

I met Sheila B. as a Cohost of the American Cancer Society Relay for Life -Survivor Dinner in 2014.  She was full of resolve to make a difference in the battle for herself and others…to be the difference. We became friends soon thereafter because she won a Reiki Session I offered at the RELAY auction.  She told me straight out she had her “doubts” about Reiki but her sister, Dawn Nelmes had been encouraging her to try it for years.  

I am honored and blessed Sheila chose me to share not only her first Reiki experience but many sessions. Our sessions and our friendship gave us opportunity to share beliefs, thoughts and feelings on many levels.  About life and death, and about our life in the here after… 

We all know Sheila DEEPLY LOVES LIFE…and her husband, sons, family and friends… I know that she will continue to love life…

Many times she told me she was not afraid of dying as she believes it is  a “journey home”…one where she knew her Dad would be there waiting to welcome her.  He had in fact come to her on a few occasions to let her know she would be joining him…She still has work to do. Sheila’s greatest concern of course was for Andrew and the Boys, mourning her absence. 

 As we know, she clearly wants all of us to celebrate her life as one well LOVED AND LIVED.  We are to live life to its fullest.  I know that Sheila believes that TO LOVE and BE LOVED… TO FEEL…meaningful relationships with one another To EXPERIENCE THE ENERGY OF LOVE… transcends our existence. That when someone becomes sick… LOVE IN ALL ITS MAGNIFICENT POWER GROWS EVEN STRONGER… reminding us of what we have and how lucky we are to have it. 

 I also know Sheila believes…that the GRACE of SICKNESS gives us opportunities, that otherwise might pass us by, to truly EXPRESS our love and EMBRACE ONE ANOTHER and to truly receive love… Sickness allows us the opportunity to TRULY love One another on DIVINE LEVELS… Whether it be WITH THE SIMPLE HOLDING OF HANDS, THE HOLDING OF EACH OTHER…  Or the detailed care we give out of Love…  That for the sick and weary THIS is truly THE ULTIMATE GIFT of ALL Life.

 Andrew, James and Alex… I know you cannot hear enough how much Sheila/your Mum, often expressed she could not have experienced a greater blessing than your love throughout life and the depth of loving care throughout her journey. For her, each of you in your own way defines Love in its purest form.  Always maintain that love between you… 

Sheila and I often talked about Heaven and Earth… We know the simple law of physics “Energy never dies, it is either transferred or transformed”… While our human energy leaves our physicality, it is reborn in other dimensions to continue the learning journeys of our Soul.   

In my final visit with Sheila (with the squeezing of my hand) and I communicated about our continuing friendship, that I will recognize her presence with the scent of gardenia. Yes, we will remain quite a pair… My Forever Friend, with she in her world, and me in mine, together we can wreak havoc in both places… 

Grandchildren of course are also important to Sheila and she knows that she will be able to watch them grow with a greater view from above…and that she will have the first opportunity to hold them before they are even conceived…lots of good squeezes here. 

We know THAT ONE DAY WE WILL AGAIN BE TOGETHER…just as her father, family and friends were there to greet Sheila, she will be there to greet family and friends and welcome us HOME.   

Sheila, you have made a world of difference in so many lives I know you will continue to do great work from your heart from above. 

I love you SHEILA, My Forever Friend.