I am Honored by the Words of Others

Testimonials of Healing Sessions with Me



February 2018

Tammy is a beautiful soul who lights up the world with her energy, joy, and commitment to her craft. Working with her provides a break from the demands of a busy life and world. The benefits extend well beyond her sessions. The thing I enjoy most is that when I am with Tammy, she is 100% supportive of me. She is present, In tune, and aware. I simply close my eyes, relax, and allow Tammy's intuitive guidance to work its magic. I feel renewed, rejuvenated and refreshed when I leave. I don't pretend to know how she makes it happen, only that she does. Every time. I feel so blessed in her presence. 

Dr. Jeanne M., Ph.D., Huntington Beach


My sessions with Tammy have been wonderful!! She always puts me at ease right away with her calming voice and caring nature. I have had many sessions with her and I always feel so relaxed and calm afterward. During the sessions, I can immediately feel my stress melting away and my mind becoming clearer. I leave there feeling like everything is wonderful!! Before I started Reiki, I was always feeling tense and anxious and my mind would just start going in a million directions. I couldn't find clarity and my muscles just ached. I never want to feel that way again!! Tammy has helped me tremendously with stress management and I would recommend a Reiki session with Tammy to everyone!! 

I can't thank her enough!!!  

Dana D., Mission Viejo  


I received Reiki treatments from Tammy. I was new to the practice and did not know what to expect. Tammy's knowledge and skill, along with her calm and caring manner, quickly put me at ease. Knowing that I was in good hands, opened me to receiving the benefits of the practice, which continued long after our session(s) had ended. The actual treatment gave me a heightened awareness of self and areas of concern. Although I felt relaxed immediately after our session, over the next few days, the Reiki treatment seemed to give me additional energy, openness and peace.     I highly recommend Tammy, Reiki Master.  

Heidi C., Mission Viejo


Three months ago I had no idea what Reiki meant. Then I had a session with Tammy. “I’m just going to lay here on my back with my eyes shut while you walk around me with soft music playing? You don’t even touch me or talk to me?” I thought I might fall asleep… An amazing hour later my mind and body had become both completely relaxed yet totally energized (how does that happen?) It felt wonderful; I was almost giddy with excitement probably because I had no expectations except that I was sure it would feel pleasant, otherwise why would she be so passionate about it?   During that hour and even when it was over and Tammy was writing her notes, I felt sensations as though parts of my body were spinning, soaring, floating, and saw colors, scenery and vivid images with my closed eyes. Afterwards Tammy and I discussed what we both felt and saw. She then combines and interprets our mutual experience in a sensitive, loving, insightful dialogue which leaves you knowing yourself a little better and thinking about things which add meaning to your life. Tammy shows great sensitivity and compassion and understanding; she was already my friend but this takes our relationship to another level, while remaining utterly respectful and professional even though she is capable of revealing quite personal insights and observations.  After two Reiki sessions Tammy introduced me to Karuna Reiki, a more intense experience. My body and mind felt nourished! Again, we discussed the session afterwards, and the feelings and visions and fascinating details which Tammy and I perceived from the energy she communicated to and through me. I felt increased creativity and a sort of cleansing. This feels so therapeutic; it’s total relaxation “me-time”, and Tammy seems to thrive on it too, exuding joy at sharing her talent and skill to help others feel and know themselves at another level of wellness. 

Barbara B., Mission Viejo  


The healing I have been through with Tammy has been life changing. She works diligently to insure the best possible way to provide a great healing session. With the mix of Reiki and Karuna the healing session is maximized. I have to say Tammy has worked with me on my numerous injures to help me feel better. The process is long and difficult on my end making sure I can attend enough healing sessions to get the most of out of each session. Tammy has worked hard to make the appointments work for me and my time. I would highly recommend Tammy to anyone who is need of healing. I would also like to point the amount of appreciation Tammy and her family has towards healing disabled veterans like me. 

Thank you from a grateful veteran.   

Scott S., Mission Viejo   

Words of Clients about Distance Healing Sessions with Me


  November 2017

Mission Viejo to San Francisco

Working with Tammy was simply amazing. I've had Reiki in the past and really didn't feel anything or notice anything significant. Reiki with Tammy was way different. I could feel the energy moving through my body. I could feel as she worked on different areas of my body. Then after the treatment, I was so relaxed. I felt present and calm throughout the day and for several more days after that. 

It was so wonderful.   

 I would highly recommend Tammy.

Donna P. L.Ac., San Francisco


Mission Viejo to Germany!

My name is Daphne and live in Germany since 1969 with my German husband. My beloved sister Sylvia lives in California for almost 28 years already. She told me of a very nice lady called Tammy Descoteaux whom she met not long ago. She informed me of Tammy's work, practicing REIKI! I have experienced Reiki sessions twice in my past years and when my sister told me about Tammy, I felt very interested to hear of her session experience with her. Well, my sister introduced me to Tammy through a photo of me and that was the beginning of our 'knowing' each other. After some interchange of information in form of emails we planned a date for Tammy to send Reiki to me! A long distance Reiki! WOW! The 24th of November at midnight I was ready for the session. We in Germany are 9 hours ahead of California. I could see our clock very well, so I waited for the 'things' to come. It was fascinating when at 00:15 am I got aware of my hands, even I felt my whole body laying on the mattress, my focus went to my 'hands'! It felt as if my hands were radiated or filled with some streaming force ...power ...energy. This feeling remained some minutes. Next day, when I called Tammy on her phone she confirmed that at 00:15 am (my time) she started sending the energy! Isn't this wonderful? There were other 'feelings' in my body during the session which Tammy confirmed me next day. She 'saw' and 'felt' several issues which have to do with my past. It was overwhelming!  We made a second session a week later on the 1st of December. This time I was very restless, I couldn't relax and I couldn't ban all my thoughts from my mind. I did feel some strange reactions in my body which Tammy was able to confirm next day when I called her. This was incredible!  And now, one week after the second session I have realized that my pains in my lower back have not appeared as strong and often as they did one and more weeks ago! I'm so thankful!  While talking to Tammy on the phone, I have felt such a calming and soothing sensation. I felt able to talk with her in complete openness. In my opinion, she is a very kind and loving person.  

Thank you my dear Tammy! 

 Daphne, in Germany.   

Von meinem iPad gesendet

Regarding my work in the Community of Mission Viejo


This first entry is a City Council Meeting recognizing my work on the City of Mission Viejo Community of Character Committee.  You are welcomed to watch the video located below this column.  

These are the words by Annie Cwieka, Community of Character Youth Advisor:   

Mayor Kelly, Council Members, fellow Mission Viejo ians  Tonight we have the honor of celebrating what is so very good and true and heartening here in Mission Viejo as we recognize the contributions of Tammy Descoteaux.  As you know, we are a Community of Character. Tammy has led not only our adult volunteer committee, but also founded and has led a very vibrant Youth Committee that draws from our area high schools. In my comments, I would like to focus on the impact she has had on our youth.  In the beginning, there might be just a couple of teens at a meeting. But Tammy empowered each and every person who walked through the door to discern their passion and bring it to life. If you came to Tammy with an idea for an event or activity, she would help you shape it and bring it to fruition. Fun events but also meaningful events. Doing real work that mattered. Our Mentoring program for 8th graders going into high school called Teen Survival Guide, Movie nights for families with special needs children, variety shows to raise money for premature infants in third world countries, and yes, our renowned Chili Cookoff raising money for our Relay for Life team (coming up March 15 at Norman Murray – we have flyers for you and would invite you to join us).…these are just examples of the dozens of activities our Youth Committee pulls off every year.   Word spread and our merry band has grown to a vibrant group of over 60 students. They arrive after long days of school, walking in straight from sports or rehearsals. They haven’t had dinner and will go home to hours of homework. But they are here because they want to be – not because they have to be. And Tammy has been the driving force behind this. Tammy has been at their side, encouraging them, seeing and nurturing their incredible potential that sometimes they don’t even know they have. Because Tammy knows that the power of making a difference is far more addictive than the many negative influences that can pull in our youth.  Tammy has touched the lives of hundreds of our community youth through the Community of Character. And that doesn't even include her work with Explorers, with disadvantaged youth and with the many others she finds and takes under her wing.  Our alumni have all continued their educations. Many use the gift of Saddleback College as a springboard to university and many are at some of the most prestigious schools in the country: UCLA, Stanford, Cornell, Columbia, Yale, Duke, Notre Dame, and USC. What is particularly heartening is to see how they have taken this experience of character in the community of Mission Viejo out into the world. They are interning for Congress, they have traveled to volunteer and study in South America, in Asia, In Europe. They are involved with social justice projects; they are tutors and fund raisers and inventors.  There is a great quote that is sometimes attributed to Mark Twain: The two most important events in our life are when we are born and when we find out why. Tammy has given these youth that great gift of learning why at an early age and the ability to do something about it.   As she moves into her next chapter, we – each of us - need to learn from her example…pick up her mantle and look for ways to be the difference we want to see in in our families, our schools, our communities – and as she has empowered our youth to model: in our country and the world.   Tammy, thank you for your love, for your moral courage, for your goofy sense of humor and for living character in everything you do.   


  Tammy,  Thank you for including me in this message. I appreciated the opportunity to work with you and all the team over the years. Our children and families at St. Kilian Church have benefited from you in so many ways... presenting our Safety Talks for many years, making sure that the Community of Character is active and well represented throughout the city and schools and just by your happy smile and sweet demeanor. You are truly an example for all of us as a woman who talks the talk and walks the walk of living “Good Character”.  You have made a difference in the lives of all of us and you won’t be forgotten. God Bless you as you move into a new chapter of your life... you take a piece of us with you...  

Cindy Hurley St. Kilian Church       


Tammy became the heart of community of character in Mission Viejo.  Her heart pumped life into the functioning of a community mission. Tammy became the heart of the Community of Character initiative thru her passion and tender care.  She gave expression to many, many people finding their place to give their time and talents to growing the story of the community of character initiative. She took the community of character initiative into its adult years where it now has sustainability in the life of MV. Her efforts to shape the youth engagement in CoC is her most significant contribution. Tammy holds a remarkable servant’s heart. She cares deeply about others. Tammy is one fine woman. Her soul is awake with love. She makes you feel better about yourself and what you are doing with your life each day.  

Lovingly, Russ  Russell Williams 


P.O. Box 4137  Mission Viejo, CA 92690-4137   ********************

 Tammy, I wish only the BEST for you as you pursue your passion for alternative and complimentary healing. Please keep me updated with your life and how this is going. I'd love to hear about it!  You are truly an amazing woman and you helped me to learn and morally grow so much during my time with you (4 high school years) and you continue to inspire me. Love you lots!  

 Halee M. UCLA       


 Dear Tammy, I hope you are so well. I wish more than anything that I could have been there at the City Council meeting last night to celebrate your work and your contributions and you as an incredible human being. This is such a wonderful milestone in your life. But I was there in spirit. There's a huge smile on my face as I think of you and reflect back on the past couple of years. Words do not suffice when attempting to express my gratitude for the impact you made on my life, especially during such formative years of high school. If there was every a time when people need to have these values instilled in their hearts, it would be high school. Thank you for the unique opportunity to serve on the Mission Viejo Community of Character Committee with you and my fellow peers. It was such a formative experience for me, moving forward as well. The work we did together inspired me to implement character at the core of future projects and activities. Also, I gained a great deal of confidence from my time working with you. I have always been more reserved and shy as a person, but you saw so much more in me even back then, in allowing me to serve as Narrator-in-Chief. At that point, I never dreamed in a million years that I would have opportunities such as the ones you provided me, to go beyond myself in these public speaking capacities, like at the Walk Against Drugs. Thank you, most of all, for believing in me. Thank you: For your patience in seeing my ideas through, for welcoming my ideas and opinions at meetings. For helping me reach my goals and meet challenges that I did not foresee myself surpassing. For leading by example - in how you lead a life of character, modeling that grounded lifestyle for us. Thank you as well for opening my eyes to new places around Mission Viejo where I could be involved and where I could lend a hand. That really shaped how I now approach other aspects of my life and how I am able to recognize times when I can be a person of character. Thank you for your generosity in serving this special community (the city, most of all, but our committee too) that is so dear to you, but owes so much to you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your compassionate approach to your work and every bit of joy that you shared with us. My favorite memories working with you, were the times whenever I had the privilege of meeting with you individually to plan out events or little projects. In those moments, I had a true glimpse of the fullest you, as a loving role model. Mission Viejo is a better place because of you. And I, as well as your other committee members over the years, are better people because of your love. God bless you. With deepest gratitude,   

Francis Vu  University of Notre Dame 

Class of 2015 Theology

I presented information about a Prescription Drug Abuse Campaign I co-created.  To view it after the Character Committee Presentation, go to the agenda listedunder the video and select P1 under PRESENTATIONS. (FYI, the recognition is P2).