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All About Reiki Healing Energy


Learn about what Reiki is , how it works, what it can do for you and what sessions are like. Includes Frequently Asked Questions.

Real Life Testimonials- In-Person and Distance


 Learn what clients near and far have to say about Energy Healing Sessions with me.  Included are words from those I have worked with prior to my work in wellness. 

Become a Professional Healer


You too can become a professionally Certified Reiki Practitioner to  heal your self and others.  I teach all levels of  Usui Holy Fire II Reiki and Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki®.          Read my student testimonials. 

Education, Experience & Healing


I teach a variety of programs for learning and experiencing Healing on all levels of  Mind, Body and Spirit.   

Lifestyle Awareness


I encourage healthy lifestyles in a well-rounded approach that supports your body's own energy flow and optimal health.  Please check back soon for details!

About Me


When looking for a professional Energy Healer or a Mentor, you want to know about their education, experience and who they are.  Here is a glimpse of me.

Radio Interview

I invite you to listen to my in-depth radio interview about Reiki Energy and Health  on the radio show: Health Coach Radio-Hosted by Health Coach Donna Parker, L.A.c. on the World Wide Web Radio-CHSR Healthy

8-10-17 Tammy Descoteaux - Reiki Interview on Health Coach Radio with DonnaParker, L.A.c. (mp3)